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– Spring Webinar –

Looking for some positivity in today’s world?

Join us for our Regenerative Revolution Spring Webinar where we will be discussing the importance of regeneration, now more than ever, in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Hear from small business owners and community leaders, already dedicated to the regeneration of our planet, about how we can continue moving forward in these uncertain times in a way most beneficial to human and planetary health.

Supporting small business and localizing our supply chain has never been more in style!


Natalie Levy of She’s Independent

Kerry Flickner of Blue Terra Waste Solutions

Annie Sicard and Stephen Smith of Onda Wellness

Dr. Soyona Rafatjah of Prime Health Denver

Tiff Willson of Roomhints

Lance Hanson of Jack Rabbit Hill Farm

What to expect on the webinar:

-Hear a panel discussion of small business owners’ responses to COVID-19 and the potential for positive change

-Participate in an interactive Q&A (if you wish!)

-Understand why we are in a global paradigm shift towards regeneration